Why From Us

Why Buy Ceylon Cinnamon From Us

To savour the unique flavours of the best Ceylon powder, you must procure it from Sri Lanka. As a family owned and operated firm that has been trading in authentic cinnamon for more than five decades, we have earned the respect and trust of business partners, and our customers. For three generations we have sourced the best of cinnamon from Sri Lanka, for discerning customers all over the world. As a pioneer of cinnamon exports we continue to focus on maintaining traditional quality while striving for customer satisfaction.

Quality:From harvesting to processing, and the delivery of exquisite Ceylon Cinnamon to our customers - quality is the cornerstone of all our processes. Over the last fifty years, we have forged strong bonds with cinnamon cultivators in Sri Lanka through cooperation on best practices and quality management. We regularly conduct quality audits to ensure only highest quality cinnamon is delivered to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction:For us ‘customer is king’, and we go the extra mile to satisfy them. While we are always aiming for new business, we never lose sight of our existing customers. So whether it’s ground Ceylon cinnamon powder or quills that you require, we make sure you receive your orders exactly as per your orders. We maintain a customer database with details of individual preferences and specifications so that service is prompt and foolproof.

Price:Although authentic cinnamon is relatively expensive, we have designed our pricing mechanism to give you value for money. Our prices are based on the grade, volume, packaging and season on which orders are placed. When you buy Ceylon cinnamon from us, you can rest assured that you are paying the right price and getting value for your money too.

Flexibility:All our processes are tuned for operational flexibility. Whether it is bulk orders, off-season deliveries or emergency deliveries, our management system is equipped to deal with almost any kind of situations. We have designed our systems – from procurement and processing to packaging and delivery – to respond to market conditions, and customer requirements.

On time Delivery: We value our customers’ time and try to ensure punctual delivery of consignments within the ambit of prevailing climactic and economic conditions. We also take pride in the fact that not a single order has had to be cancelled till date.