Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon

Apart from the sensory value it brings to foodstuffs, Ceylon cinnamon is a veritable storehouse of health boosters. A sprinkling of authentic Ceylon cinnamon in your daily morning cup of coffee can insure you against a host of ailments and medical conditions. For instance, dieticians vouch that with a judicious combination of honey-cinnamon, weight loss can be achieved in severely obese people.

Antioxidant:For starters, Ceylon cinnamon is brimming with antioxidants like polyphenols, phenolic acid and flavenoids. These antioxidants help the body to actively combat the free radicals, thus reducing oxidative stress and leading to significantly delay in the aging process

The antioxidant component in Ceylon Cinnamon is also known to fight the degenerative effects of neurological conditions and brain cell deterioration brought on by advancing age. In fact, Cinnamon in combination with coffee has been found to control the onslaught of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Its antioxidant property also protects the body from inflammation.

Antibacterial:Ceylon Cinnamon is also renowned for its amazing antibacterial properties. Extensively used in treating a wide range of bacterial ailments and viral infections, Ceylon Cinnamon is a standard ingredient in a host of medical formulations prescribed for internal as well as external health problems.

The spice is particularly effective in promoting oral hygiene and is therefore commonly found in most of the toothpaste and dental care generic formulations available in the marketplace. So whether it’s bad breath or dental caries that you suffer from, you’ll discover that Ceylon Cinnamon is invariably a key component of the doctor’s prescription!

Lifestyle Disease Remedy: Ceylon Cinnamon is also used as to combat lifestyle diseases like hypertension. But its impact has been most noticeable on patients with type 2 diabetes. Studies have established that regular and regulated intake of Ceylon Cinnamon has a positive effect on blood sugar levels in general.

Cardiovascular benefits:Relatively high fibre content is yet another contributor to the health benefits cinnamon is so famous for. Cinnamon’s efficacy also extends to cardiovascular health. Regular usage of cinnamon has been found to suppress bad cholesterol and encourage the production of good cholesterols in the body. Studies show that heart patients experienced a measurable improvement in cardiac functions due to improved lipid metabolism.

Cinnamon is believed to be a stimulant for digestive tract weakness. It is also useful in alleviating digestive conditions caused by flatulence. Gastrointestinal spasms, heartburn and morning sickness are other discomforts that can be relieved by using cinnamon.

Including reasonable quantities of cinnamon in your regular diet can keep illness at bay and allow you to enjoy the benefits of good health.